Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo is a revolutionary brow shaping technique, commonly known as an eyebrow tattoo, that implants pigment under the skin. Natalia Nicoletti our brows specialist will personally spend time shaping your brows into their ideal shape. Providing individual hair strokes with permanently flawless brows that are ready to go the moment you wake up in the morning. Eyebrow tattoo is a convenient procedure that provides flawless brows for 10-18 months with no maintenance or upkeep.

We have three different techniques that can be applied, depending on your eyebrow requirements.

Microblading - individual brow hair strokes are implanted into the skin and a soft layered technique is used to create natural looking brows that have real dimension.

Hybrid - Provides a hybrid of ombre and feathered microblading.

Ombre-Shadow - More intense, tattoo-based alternative, known as micro shading.

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Afterpay and Zippay are now available for all microblading services.

Price List

30 Minute Consultation


Soft Microblading by Natalia Nicoletti

From: $590

Hybrid Micropigmentation Eyebrow

From: $590

Ombre Shadow Micropigmentation

From: $610

Refresh Eyebrow Tattoo (10-12 months)


Lip Blushing tattoo

From: $590

Refresh Lip Blushing tattoo (10-12 months)


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