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Lips Treatments

Wake up with natural, beautiful lips, moisturised and protected.


How about waking up with natural beautiful lips and start your morning with SPF moisturising lip protection or lip gloss to make it pop?

Imagine a lip colour you never have to reapply; it doesn’t smudge or bleed. A promising colour that’s semi-permanent but still allows you to apply lipstick on top for specific occasions. Once the lip colour wears off, underneath will be your perfect, semi-permanent lip blush that keeps you looking perfectly groomed no matter what.

Lip blush treatment lasts around 2 years and a revitalise colour (retouch) can be done in every 8-10 months.

PlumpLips: from $1200
Touch Up included

Lip Blush: from $980
Touch Up included

Annual Colour Refresh: from $660
Touch Up included

Hydralips Treatment $169
One Session

Hydralips Treatment $439
Three Session Package

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Eyebrows shaped and styled to enhance natural shape.


Lift and illuminate your eyes, enhancing your natural lashes.


Wake up with natural, beautiful lips, moisturised and protected.


Repair, maintain and condition your hair to achieve your best look.

Your destination for perfectly shaped brows, natural lashes, healthy hair and lush lips

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